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Celebrate Easter Funday at Golden Corral’s Holiday Feast

When Easter Sunday arrives, families across America gather together for joyful celebrations centered around food, fun and togetherness. Golden Corral embraces these special traditions by hosting their legendary Easter holiday buffet feast each year. Read on to learn how kids and parents can make memories over Easter’s traditional dishes and delightful surprises offered at Golden Corral restaurants nationwide.

Carved Holiday Hams

No Easter meal is complete without a glazed ham as the main centerpiece. At Golden Corral, their chefs prepare oven-roasted spiral cut hams basted in sweet glazes for carving fresh all day. Savor slices of brown sugar glazed ham topped with cloves, or hickory smoked ham boasting an aromatic smoky essence. The carved hams become the heart of the buffet spread.

Expect only premium quality ham featuring lean, tender meat sliced to order. For an extra touch, ask for a golden brown biscuit to enjoy an open-faced ham biscuit sandwich with mustard. The juicy, comforting ham satisfies holiday cravings in every bite.

Oven Roasted Turkey Breast

In addition to the focal ham, Golden Corral’s Easter buffet offers hot roasted turkey as another headliner meat sure to please the whole family. Their turkey breast roasts get seasoned beautifully with savory herbs and spices for moist, flavorful meat. Expect only juicy breast meat without any skin or fat.

The ample turkey lets diners pile their plates high with slices of this classic star of many holiday tables. Those with smaller appetites or kids can easily sample a taste without overdoing it. Pair it with stuffing, cranberry sauce and your other Easter favorites from the endless buffet treats surrounding the carved turkey station.

Easter Brunch Favorites

Beyond the holiday ham and turkey, Golden Corral prepares brunch essentials to fuel your Easter celebrations. Wake up your tastebuds with fluffy scrambled eggs, omelets made-to-order, crispy bacon and turkey sausage links. Round out your plate with hashbrowns or tater tots along with biscuits and toast.

The breakfast carving station slices up juicy roasted prime rib plus spiral cut double smoked ham. Of course, the buffet also offers the full slate of Golden Corral’s ever-popular breakfast bar items from fresh fruits and yogurt to cereals and bakery sweets. Fuel up with classic brunch fare to kick the day off right.

Fresh Seafood Varieties

In keeping with the lavish Easter spirit, Golden Corral showcases their fresh seafood lineup on the Easter buffet menu. Expect chilled shrimp cocktail and cracked snow crab legs ready for dipping into melted butter. Fried shrimp and breaded fish offer popular hot seafood options.

Some locations may also prepare seasonal fresh catches like salmon or mahi mahi cooked on the grill or steam trays. The seafood choices add variety beyond red meat for those craving lighter options high in protein and omega-3s. Seafood completes the well-rounded Easter spread.

Easter Dessert Favorites

No Easter meal feels complete without digging into desserts evoking springtime and candy. Kids instantly flock to the chocolate fountain with fresh strawberries, pineapple, marshmallows and rice crispy treats ready for dipping. The do-it-yourself sundae bar also draws sweet tooths eager to smother bowls of ice cream with fixings.

But dessert lovers agree that the showstopper is Golden Corral’s seasonally available Cotton Candy. Staff whip up the sugary sweet spun cotton candy fresh in brightly colored blue, pink and yellow hues. Watch your candy take shape before your eyes, then top it with sprinkles at your table. Sweet cotton candy melt-aways capture the fun spirit of Easter.

Deluxe Chocolate Fondue Fountain

Chocoholics won’t want to miss Golden Corral’s dedicated chocolate fondue fountain brought out especially for Easter. This dreamy cascading fountain will mesmerize both kids and adults. Swirl marshmallows, banana slices, strawberries, pineapple, pound cake and rice treats through the velvety smooth melted chocolate.

The chocolate fondue station lets you indulge your sweet tooth with the nostalgic taste of dipping your favorites in rich chocolate. Construct shareable plates of chocolate-smothered goodies the whole family can sample together. The interactive fondue experience becomes a decadent Easter highlight.

Easter Cakes and Breads

While Golden Corral’s daily dessert lineup satisfies all year round, they debut special Easter edition cakes and breads for this holiday. Look for carrot cake loaf drizzled with cream cheese icing with carrot garnish. Jelly bean-speckled Egg Cake Scrolls add colorful sprinkles. Bunny Raspberry Chiffon Cake appeals to kids with its cute decorations.

Expect at least four unique Easter inspired cakes and breads to try. Bite into spongy sweet Hot Cross Buns marked with icing crosses. The Easter baked treats give you something fun and different beyond everyday desserts.

DIY Cotton Candy Machine

In addition to watching staff whip up fresh cotton candy, select Golden Corral locations may offer DIY cotton candy stations for hands-on family fun. Kids can grab paper cones and set up shop at the self-serve cotton candy machine to create their own sugary snacks.

While carefully holding the cone vertically around the spinning sugar, it magically builds fluffy cotton candy before their eyes. They can draw it out into thinner strands or build it up thicker. Watching cotton candy materialize out of sugar never ceases to entertain!

Interactive Easter Egg Decorating

Golden Corral aims to engage kids in hands-on Easter activities with DIY Easter egg decorating stations. Tables contain cartons of hard boiled egg shells ready for creative decor along with decorating tools and art supplies.

Kids can let their imaginations run wild making colorful eggs with markers, stickers, glitter and pom poms. Building tiny scenes inside plastic eggs takes concentration. Easter egg decorating fosters their creativity and holiday spirit.

Easter Egg Hunts and Candy

Some Golden Corral locations host Easter egg hunts for kids, either outdoors in nearby parks or inside within designated kid zones. Watch children excitedly yet carefully comb the area hunting for treat-stuffed plastic eggs. The tradition lets kids put their egg hunting skills to the test.

Expect appearances by the Easter Bunny for photo opportunities. Kids can also get their faces painted for free with bunnies, chicks and Easter designs adding to the merriment. The Easter Bunny may even hand out candy bags filled with sweets to enjoy their sugar high the fun way!

Festive Carousel Cakes

While Golden Corral always offers their signature Bakery Shoppe Carousel Cakes, the themes transform for Easter. Their talented bakers decorate cakes with cute Easter motifs like bunnies, eggs, baskets, flowers and chicks using edible colors.

The bright springtime designs make these special occasion cakes eye-catching centerpieces. Guests can watch staff adding finishing touches to the frosted cakes in the bakery area. On your way out, bring home a customized carousel cake to continue celebrating with family.

Value-Packed Easter Meal

With Golden Corral’s expansive all-you-can eat buffet, families can enjoy a feast filled with traditional Easter favorites without breaking the bank. Adults pay just $12.99 for Easter dinner, while kids meals run $7.99 meaning the whole family can celebrate affordably.

Given the extra labor for holiday menus, other full-service restaurants often hike up Easter meal prices significantly. But Golden Corral provides generosity in value keeping quality high but costs low, even on special occasions. Their buffet value helps make Easter accessible to more families.

Make Easter Memories

Ultimately, Golden Corral’s joyful Easter atmosphere and festivities aim to help families reunite and make happy holiday memories together. Kids can get their faces painted, meet the Easter Bunny and run around with new friends while parents relax catching up over appetizing favorites.

The welcoming environment invites everyone to have fun and unwind together on this important holiday. By providing a memorable, affordable Easter experience, Golden Corral creates traditions families wish to share for years to come.

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