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Below, you’ll find the summary of current prices for the breakfast menu at Golden Corral.




Saturday & Sunday (Open – 11am)$12.99*


Breakfast & Lunch – Includes Beverage

3 & Under – Limit 2 Free Meals per Adult Purchase$0.00
Ages 4-8$8.99*
Ages 9-12$9.99*

Seniors (60 & Over)


Saturday & Sunday (Open – 11am)$12.49*

Senior Earlybird Specials

Includes Beverage

Monday – Friday (11am – 3pm)$9.99*

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Golden Corral Breakfast Buffet 2024

Indulge in a Delicious Breakfast Buffet at Golden Corral: Prices and Details

Starting your day with a hearty and satisfying breakfast is essential for maintaining energy levels and overall well-being. Golden Corral, a renowned buffet-style restaurant chain, offers an extensive breakfast buffet that caters to all your morning cravings. In this article, we’ll dive into the details of Golden Corral’s breakfast buffet prices and what you can expect from this delightful dining experience.

Golden Corral’s Breakfast Buffet Prices


The breakfast buffet at Golden Corral is available on Saturdays and Sundays from opening time until 11 am. The price for adults is $12.99*.


Golden Corral offers a special pricing plan for children, which includes a beverage. Here’s a breakdown of the prices:

  • 3 & Under: Free (Limit 2 free meals per adult purchase)
  • Ages 4-8: $8.99*
  • Ages 9-12: $9.99*

Seniors (60 & Over)

Golden Corral values its senior customers and provides a discounted price for the breakfast buffet. Seniors aged 60 and above can enjoy the breakfast buffet on Saturdays and Sundays from opening time until 11 am at a price of $12.49*.

Senior Earlybird Specials

In addition to the regular senior pricing, Golden Corral offers an enticing Senior Earlybird Special from Monday to Friday, 11 am to 3 pm. This special deal includes a beverage and is priced at $9.99*.

What to Expect from Golden Corral’s Breakfast Buffet

Golden Corral’s breakfast buffet is a food lover’s paradise, offering a wide array of delicious options to suit every palate. From classic breakfast staples to creative twists on traditional favorites, you’ll find everything you need to start your day on the right foot.

Hot and Hearty Breakfast Classics

Indulge in a variety of hot and savory breakfast classics, including:

  • Fluffy scrambled eggs
  • Crispy bacon
  • Juicy sausages
  • Golden hash browns
  • Warm biscuits and gravy

Made-to-Order Omelet Station

One of the highlights of Golden Corral’s breakfast buffet is the made-to-order omelet station. Choose your favorite ingredients, such as cheese, ham, peppers, onions, and mushrooms, and watch as a skilled chef prepares your personalized omelet right before your eyes.

Fresh Fruits and Yogurt

For a lighter and refreshing option, Golden Corral offers a selection of fresh fruits and yogurt. Create your own parfait by layering yogurt with granola, fresh berries, and honey, or simply enjoy a bowl of your favorite fruits.

Pancakes, Waffles, and French Toast

Satisfy your sweet tooth with Golden Corral’s irresistible pancakes, waffles, and French toast. Top your choice with butter, syrup, whipped cream, or fresh fruit compote for an extra burst of flavor.

Pastries and Baked Goods

No breakfast buffet is complete without a tempting assortment of pastries and baked goods. Golden Corral offers a variety of freshly baked muffins, danishes, cinnamon rolls, and croissants to complement your breakfast spread.

Let’s explore the health aspects of Golden Corral’s breakfast buffet in more detail, including the pros, cons, and some suggestions for making healthier choices.

Health Pros

  1. Variety: Golden Corral’s breakfast buffet offers a wide range of options, allowing you to choose foods that align with your dietary preferences and nutritional goals.
  2. Fresh fruits: The availability of fresh fruits at the buffet provides an excellent opportunity to incorporate vitamins, minerals, and fiber into your breakfast.
  3. Protein options: With offerings like eggs, bacon, and sausages, you can easily include protein in your meal, which is essential for maintaining and repairing body tissues, as well as keeping you feeling full and satisfied.
  4. Customization: The made-to-order omelet station allows you to control the ingredients in your omelet, enabling you to opt for healthier additions like vegetables and lean meats while minimizing high-fat or high-calorie ingredients.

Health Cons

  1. Overindulgence: With an all-you-can-eat buffet, it’s easy to overeat, which can lead to consuming excess calories, unhealthy fats, and added sugars.
  2. High-calorie options: Some breakfast items, such as biscuits and gravy, pancakes with syrup, and pastries, can be high in calories, saturated fats, and added sugars, which may not be the best choices for those watching their weight or managing certain health conditions.
  3. Sodium content: Processed meats like bacon and sausages, as well as some pre-prepared dishes, can be high in sodium, which may be a concern for individuals with high blood pressure or other sodium-sensitive conditions.
  4. Limited whole grain options: While Golden Corral offers a variety of bread and pastry options, whole grain choices may be limited, making it more challenging to incorporate fiber-rich, complex carbohydrates into your breakfast.

Suggestions for Making Healthier Choices

  1. Fill up on fruits: Start your meal with a plate of fresh fruits to provide your body with essential nutrients and fiber while helping to control your appetite for less healthy options.
  2. Opt for lean proteins: Choose eggs, turkey bacon, or grilled chicken to get the benefits of protein without the added saturated fats found in regular bacon and sausages.
  3. Be mindful of portions: While it’s tempting to try a little bit of everything, be conscious of your portion sizes and aim to fill your plate with mostly nutrient-dense options like fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins.
  4. Customize your omelet: At the made-to-order omelet station, load up on vegetables like spinach, peppers, and mushrooms while minimizing high-fat additions like cheese and processed meats.
  5. Limit high-calorie toppings: When enjoying pancakes, waffles, or French toast, opt for fresh fruit toppings instead of syrup or whipped cream to reduce the amount of added sugars and calories.
  6. Stay hydrated: Drink water or unsweetened beverages to stay hydrated and avoid consuming excess calories from sugary drinks like sodas or sweetened teas.

By keeping these pros, cons, and suggestions in mind, you can make more informed and health-conscious decisions when enjoying Golden Corral’s breakfast buffet. Remember, moderation is key, and it’s perfectly fine to indulge in your favorite breakfast treats occasionally as part of a balanced diet.


Golden Corral’s breakfast buffet is a fantastic way to kick-start your day with a delicious and satisfying meal. With its extensive selection of breakfast favorites, made-to-order omelet station, and tempting pastries, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. The affordable prices for adults, children, and seniors make it a budget-friendly option for families and groups. So, gather your loved ones and head to Golden Corral for a memorable breakfast experience that will leave you feeling full, happy, and ready to tackle the day ahead!

To gather more details about Golden Corral, the best source of information is their official website.

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